Book Publication: December 2021                                           
Limited edition

Full colour publication

Size: 220mm x 280mm

Hard back with dust cover

Stock: Maxi Offset 150 gsm printed 4/4

Binding: Threadsewn

Jacket: 4/0 and matt lamination 150 gsm

Retail cost: 35 euro

Publication      December 2021 

A masterpiece of medieval art, Saint Manchan’s Shrine is Ireland's largest surviving reliquary. A unique example of Irish monastic metalsmithing combining Irish, late Viking/Urnes and Romanesque Christian art styles. This cross fertilization of styles and cultures makes it a unique study from both archaeological and metalsmithing perspectives.

Griffin Murray and metalsmith/photographer Kevin O’Dwyer are combining their expertise to create a high-quality full colour coffee table book that features O’Dwyer’s captivating and atmospheric photographs and Griffin Murray’s in-depth story telling of the history and folklore of the shrine. The publication will feature full- and double-page image spreads, antiquarian drawings and descriptive metalsmithing close-ups. The text will be presented in a series of essay’s that will cover various topics including Saint Manchan and Lemanaghan, the art and craftsmanship of Saint Manchan’s Shrine,  cultural cross fertilization – the Late Viking/Urnes style and the shrines relationship with the makers of The Cross of Cong.



St Manchan and Lemanaghan 

St Manchan’s shrine – recent history 

The art and craftsmanship of St Manchan’s shrine 

Late Viking art and the Urnes style

Lemanaghan and Clonmacnoise in the early 12th century

St Manchan’s shrine and the Cross of Cong

Metalsmith glossary (How it was made)


Saint Manchan's Shrine